Morii: The desire to capture a fleeting experience

Born in the Ozarks, we live and breathe camping, road trips, and spontaneous adventures. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our team has decades of experience with product development, prototyping, camping equipment, and having a blast while we do it. Our mission is making adventures easier,

with less time planning and more time experiencing.

An idea birthed from a road trip through the US, we wanted to perfect a product that provides comfort, safety, and spontaneity with the most storage and easiest set-up. Our goal is to be the middle ground between tent camping and the folks who sleep on top of their vehicle for a high price tag and long set up times.

Thus, the Hatchpack was born.

Using sustainable materials and sleek, purposeful design, we’ve built a sleeping platform that takes the hassle and time out of the journey so that you can

enjoy the destination.

Made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, the Hatchpack is the next step toward a more obtainable vision for experiencing the outdoors,

no matter the context.