Coffee Campfire Starter is a fire starter made from all-natural recycled coffee and organic beeswax. Perfect for camping, backpacking, bike packing, and charcoal grills.

From Kitchen Counter to Store Shelves: The Evolution of Coffee Campfire Starters

In the heart of Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains, Collin and Matt from Morii Outdoor brewed up something special in their kitchen. What started as a fun idea quickly turned into a hot commodity – Coffee Campfire Starters. These guys were on a mission to make outdoor fires easier, more sustainable, and make use of a popular waste product.

Collin and Matt were big fans of the outdoors, whether it's backpacking, camping, bike packing, or just grilling, but they didn't like the idea of using fire starters full of nasty stuff like petroleum and plastic, so they got creative. They mixed recycled coffee with organic beeswax to make their very own fire starters. The result? A compact tin packed with eight starters, each burning for over 10 minutes and smelling like a fresh cup of coffee.

But what really sparked their idea was the staggering amount of waste generated by the coffee industry all across the world. Collin and Matt saw an opportunity to give new life to used coffee waste, diverting them from landfills and turning them into something useful.

By using recycled materials and natural ingredients, they were keeping waste out of landfills and keeping the commitment to the environment beyond the firepit. 

With their eco-friendly fire starters in hand, Collin and Matt hit the road, spreading the word to local stores and outdoor enthusiasts. People loved the idea of a sustainable way to start fires, and soon, demand was through the roof. In just three months, Coffee Campfire Starters were flying off the shelves of over 100 stores across the states.

Today, Collin and Matt's dream is burning brighter than ever. Coffee Campfire Starters are a hit, not just because they're effective, but because they're doing their part for the planet. These two guys prove that with a little creativity and a lot of passion, you can make a big difference – one fire at a time.


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